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Warren House 7

Nanaimo, BC

A cute old timer that displayed its wonder on the inside with grand crown mouldings. The trick was to give it a new roof to show off the potential of its equally appealing exterior.

We wanted the gable ends to retain their architectural integrity which required eschewing the often ugly aluminum flashing used by many builders today.

A dark olive green paint was added to the trim and mouldings to accent the slate-grey shingles. In the end, the house gave off an unpretentious traditional opulence on the outside that complimented her interior.

Widdowson Garage

Saanich, BC

Long overdue, this heritage garage on a historic property was badly in need of a new roof. Decay had set into the rafter ends and the double layer of asphalt shingles were heavily degranulated. Removal of the asphalt shingles, adding sister rafters, placement of a felt underlay and the addition of galvanized cladding, plus replacement of gable trim boards, has allowed this 1920s era building to remain standing for another 100-years.

The Panabode

Mayne Island, BC

I removed the old shingles and discovered underneath, the vertically aligned tongue-and-groove cedar boarding, was in great shape. A high-end synthetic underlay was tacked down and laminate shingles- matching the house-were added on top.

Exactly on budget, the owner was more than thrilled. Plus, I had it done in one week, on an island where waiting-lists are as much as two years with other companies.

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